In Spanish, Villa means village and hermosa means beautiful.

Jason and Carlos drives back towards Mexico City from the very south east of Quintana Roo. After a long day of driving, they enter the city of Villahermosa and decide to spend the night. Strolling down the main road, they spot a hotel, The Auto Hotel. They pull into the drive way, which leads to a heart of hotel. Jason and Carlos look at each other, as something seems odd. Every room has its own garage door that is closed. They are immediately greeted by a woman, who works there.

“Are there any normal hotels around here?” Carlos asks.
“This one is a normal hotel.” The woman responds with a smile.
“Ok thank you.” And Carlos drives off.
“What was that about?” Jason asks Carlos.
“Umm, we don’t want to stay there.”
“Why not?”
“It’s one of those hotels where people just go and fuck.”

Next hotel on the street, Hotel Babylon.
They are greeted again with a woman at the driveway, and once again the odd looking garage doors for each room.

“Do you have any double beds?”
“Nope just king size, but it’s perfect for 2!”
They drive off.

Next hotel, Villa Verde, again with the garage doors and a woman greeting them.
“Do people sleep at this place?”
“You want to sleep here? Ya, some people do.”
“How much is it?”
“How many hours are you staying?”
They drive off.

Then they spot a Best Western, perfect, a normal hotel.
“How much for a night?”
“1200 pesos!”
“What? That’s what we paid at the 5 star all inclusive in Cuba!”
They drive off.

“There has to be a normal hotel here. Ok, over there, how about that one?”

The Motel Costa Del Sol. Sounds normal. They drive around, no one around. Then they spot a woman leaving a room. Over an hour of searching, they finally find a normal hotel with a double room, Dakis Hotel, 380 pesos for the night. It smelt like a bathroom, but Jason and Carlos was ok with that.


Jason is the author of the book This All Encompassing Trip and loves to travel to see Pearl Jam. He spends his time doing design and video work as well as running a daddy blog called The Rockstar Dad.

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  • HAHAHA at least in Brazil they have different names.. Hotel for normal hotel, and Motel for people that just want to have fun!!!
    I wonder what is the birth rate of this town!

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