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Mike McCready reading This All Encompassing Trip

What a cool story! Thanks for the insight into your world.

Mike McCready

Pearl Jam

Eddie Vedder photo by Jennifer Sando

Keep tripping. Safe travels on the long road.

Eddie Vedder

Pearl Jam

Feedback of any kind is also useful and fun to hear. I have received comments from people that have warmed my heart as well as critical points that are well noted and educational. If you have read the book and would like to share your thoughts, please consider writing a short review on Amazon.

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“A global travel experience that brought a fan friendship, love and plenty of adventure”

— John Reynolds, TwoFeetThick
Norey at Easy Street Records

“The author’s sparkling personality really shines through in this book which reads almost like a fairytale tailored to young adults”
— Erin Lehn Floresca, Bella Online

“May All This Encompassing Trip never end!! THAT’S ROCK ‘N’ ROLL, BABY!”
— Barbara Manfredi (Orsanvenzo, Italy)

“Jason, you’ve officially succeeded in making me wish I was on tour again.”
— Annette O’Brien (Melbourne, Australia)

“This is not only a great rock n’ roll road trip tale… it’s a story about taking risks and living life to the fullest! Great fun!!”
— Samia Dillsi (Los Angeles, CA)

“I´m almost half way through reading it and I must say that it´s much better than I ever expected, and I did expect a lot.”
— Haukur Gunnarsson (Iceland)

This All Encompassing Trip

by Jason Leung

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“Oh my God! I can never thank you enough Jason. I got the book today, the day before my birthday and a bad day all around until… I got your book. Thank you doesn’t even do my gratitude to you justice. I am eternally indebted to you for including me and you will never really know what this means to me! Thank you from the bottom of my heart?”

— Nicole Alveraz, 106.7 KROQ Los Angeles

“This book will make you rock the fuck out!”
— Kim Harrison (Mill Bay, BC)

“Fantastic book about life on the road… immerse yourself in this journey, you’ll love it!”
— Paola Palazzo (Los Angeles, CA)

“I’m a few chapters into the book and already it’s infiltrating into my dreams. Last night I dreamed that I was in a van and had to travel from New Orleans to Denver in a day to see Pearl Jam. I’m pretty excited to sleep tonight to see where else I’m going to go!”
— Jenny Hieronymus (Columbia, SC)

“Loving the trip!!!! So well written, I feel like I’m along for the ride! Thank you!”
— Lela Duhon (Jonesboro, AK)

“If your book gives me chills one more time, i might have to sue you over pure enjoyment”
— Catherine Patat (Greensboro, NC)

“1 chapter in… and I’m ready for a few beers and a show at the Gorge, right now, please! Hello Tom, Come down Tom!”
— Carlos Rocca (Ubatuba, Brazil)

“I am loving it so far. It is really well written and it encompasses you into the van with its occupants. I am jealous, envious and more in need of a tour than ever!”
— Leanne Martin (Cornwall, UK)

“Thanks Jason; you’re an amazing writer!”
— Kelly Jane Christensen (Courtenay, BC)

“Heading to Adelaide entertainment centre... Good memories. Started reading your book on flight over here… Liking it. Good idea to focus on people rather the shows. Kind of sums up the feeling of a pearl jam tour!”

Tom Phillips

Hobart, Australia

Janet McCullough

“Nothing like great music, amazing friends (old and new), and the spirit of adventure to get you pulled into this All Encompassing Trip. I enjoyed reading from Canada to Australia and everywhere in between, and am looking forward to the next journey.”

Janet McCullough

Sinking Spring, PA


“Your book is really awesome. I read the whole Canadian tour while I was traveling this past week. It felt like I was right there with you.”
— Rosalie Savillo (Seattle, WA)

“I am loving it, the housework is taking a back seat today!”
— Donna Goggins (London, UK)

“Almost missed the bus stop because of Jason’s book! Too involved in it, it’s… a story of absolute freedom!!! I’m really enjoying it!”
— Francesca Fantozzi (Torino, Italy)

“You’re book is just another level… amazing adventure i almost feel part of it! Can’t believe you missed the Antwerp concert to get stoned in Amsterdam!”
— David Frommer (Brussels, Belgium)

“I’m only in Saskatchewan… but damn I just had to tell you that I LOVE this book! It’s just a good and exciting read! I find my heart rate going up when you detail getting the tickets and going to the show… brings back that “show” feeling that we all get! Seriously awesome job! I’m so glad I purchased your book!”
— Amanda Silver (Halifax, NS)

“Just finished reading part one, Canada. If you are a Pearl Jam fan and haven’t bought this book yet, you are sadly missing out.”
— Laura Trafton (Chicago, IL)

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  • Reminiscent of the first time I picked up Kerouac’s On The Road, only that instead of Sal Paradise, Dean Moriarty, and Carlo Marx, it’s all me mates.

    Who cares where the destination is when the journey is so exhilarating?

  • The book is amazing!!i enjoy so much the reading!!!!this is exactly whats a Pearl jam tour..its about Love,Music,Peace,Friends…
    Thanks for the ride Jason

  • this book is so inspiring…I wish I was there…I was reading it very slowly cause I just didn’t wanted it to end…

    Agata from Polamd

  • Everyone who feels they have missed out on some adventure in life should read this book! Jason and all the friends he met up with for and during the trip…….They all ROCK !
    Cool and very inspiring stuff !

    Kato (uk)

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