Quintana Rooooooooo, Mexico

Jason and Carlos returned to Mexico to visit the state of Quintana Roo for a week.

Day 1 Accomplishments
-Arrived at Cancun airport
-Bussed 30mins south to Playa Del Carmen
-Found restaurant for food and drinks that would sit well in stomach
-Drank more XX
-Stayed with friend in town

Playa Del Carmen

Day 2 Accomplishments
-Caught up on 3 weeks of emails
-Walked on Playa Del Carmen Beach
-Decided to drive 1 hour south to Tulum
-Found perfect place to stay right on beach
-Jumped into ocean
-Sat on beach
-Jumped back into ocean
-Sat on beach with a six pack

Tulum Beach

Day 3 Accomplishments
-Carlos got a haircut
-Swam at Grand Cynote
-Swam in the ocean
-Sat on beach with a six pack

Grand Cynote

Day 4 Accomplishments
-Visited Tulum pyramids
-Drove 1 hour south down the peninsula towards Punta Allen
-Road became very rough, 4×4 needed, turned around and drove 2 hours north to Coba
-Stayed in Coba for 5 mins then drove 1 hour north to Valladollic
-Walked around square in Valladollic 10 times
-Got hotel room and a six pack

Tulum Pyramids

Day 5 Accomplishments
-Decided to head back to the ocean
-Drove 5 hours south to Bacalar
-Got hotel room with balcony
-Watched the lake and stars with a six pack

Majahua Beach

Day 6 Accomplishments
-Swam in Cynote Azur
-Drove north 30 mins, then down the Costa Maya and one hour to Majahua
-Got excited when they saw many people on the beach
-Checked into only hotel on the beach then jumped into ocean
-Turned out that people were from 2 cruise ships and they returned to the boat at sunset
-Jason and Carlos are the only 2 people left in town
-A plastic bag flies by
-Returned to hotel with 2 six packs

Majahua at night

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