Quintana Rooooooooo, Mexico

Jason and Carlos returned to Mexico to visit the state of Quintana Roo for a week.

Day 1 Accomplishments
-Arrived at Cancun airport
-Bussed 30mins south to Playa Del Carmen
-Found restaurant for food and drinks that would sit well in stomach
-Drank more XX
-Stayed with friend in town

Playa Del Carmen

Day 2 Accomplishments
-Caught up on 3 weeks of emails
-Walked on Playa Del Carmen Beach
-Decided to drive 1 hour south to Tulum
-Found perfect place to stay right on beach
-Jumped into ocean
-Sat on beach
-Jumped back into ocean
-Sat on beach with a six pack

Tulum Beach

Day 3 Accomplishments
-Carlos got a haircut
-Swam at Grand Cynote
-Swam in the ocean
-Sat on beach with a six pack

Grand Cynote

Day 4 Accomplishments
-Visited Tulum pyramids
-Drove 1 hour south down the peninsula towards Punta Allen
-Road became very rough, 4×4 needed, turned around and drove 2 hours north to Coba
-Stayed in Coba for 5 mins then drove 1 hour north to Valladollic
-Walked around square in Valladollic 10 times
-Got hotel room and a six pack

Tulum Pyramids

Day 5 Accomplishments
-Decided to head back to the ocean
-Drove 5 hours south to Bacalar
-Got hotel room with balcony
-Watched the lake and stars with a six pack

Majahua Beach

Day 6 Accomplishments
-Swam in Cynote Azur
-Drove north 30 mins, then down the Costa Maya and one hour to Majahua
-Got excited when they saw many people on the beach
-Checked into only hotel on the beach then jumped into ocean
-Turned out that people were from 2 cruise ships and they returned to the boat at sunset
-Jason and Carlos are the only 2 people left in town
-A plastic bag flies by
-Returned to hotel with 2 six packs

Majahua at night


Jason is the author of the book This All Encompassing Trip and loves to travel to see Pearl Jam. He spends his time doing design and video work as well as running a daddy blog called The Rockstar Dad.

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