Jason Leung

Jason Leung

Author, Designer, Filmmaker, Blogger, Explorer

Hailing from North Vancouver, BC, Jason Leung prides himself on living life to the fullest and making people smile. With a Civil Engineering degree, he was a Construction Manager on several high profile projects around the world before leaving his career to take on a path that would become the foundation of this book. He aspires to be a writer, designer, filmmaker and professional explorer, while also running a blog called The Rockstar Dad.

His passions include travelling, music, people, and travelling for music with people. He also enjoys surfing, boxing, hockey, football, discovering and learning about new cultures, trying new foods, and sharing good times with new and old friends. Jason believes that anything is possible and is inspired to “make it happen.”


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This All Encompassing Trip

by Jason Leung

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Jason Leung Touring Van
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Infinitum is Jason’s design & film company.


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