Z is Dead!

Nissan 300zx

The Z is Dead! My beloved car of close to 10 years and my only real possession remaining (other than the Van). The Nissan 300zx was and always will be my favourite car. It was a pleasure to own it and a dream to drive it. It had a name, Natalie. And most of my money was spent on her before I started travelling.


I upgraded her performance with a cold air intake, a stainless steal exhaust system, and aggressive sounding mufflers.

300zx Borla exhaust

I improved the way it sounded with an expensive stereo system consisting of a powerful amplifier, booming subwoofer, crystal clean sounding speakers, and a dvd player.

sound system Helix amp

I even made it look better with a suede interior and a new front fascia, winning it awards at car shows.

The car was very well taken care of, but it has not been driven much over the last 3 years since I’ve been taking on planes, trains, and vans instead. However, coming home this year I was excited to pull the car out of storage and take it for a cross country drive for my summer move out east. The road trip was phenomenal, driving on empty highways over the rockies, through the farmlands, and around the lakes.

But when I got to the east coast for the home stretch, I got hit just outside of Philly. I was probably in the blindspot of the car to my left so the front of the Z was clipped by the car coming into my lane, sending me spinning towards the rail. I surprisingly missed contacting any traffic spinning over a lane and hit the rail numerous times causing severe damage to both the front and the rear of the car. TInside of the car remained intact, so I miraculously escaped the accident without a scratch, as the Z crumbled to save me. I am ok, but the car is as good as done.

To say that I am a little sad is an understatement and no amount of insurance payment will be able to make up for this loss. But I am so very thankful for being alive and well. Maybe this was a way for the Z to tell me to move on, and so I will. I might be done with cars for a little while.  Although it was probably secretly jealous of the van, the Z will always be remembered!

I’m glad I was able to take the Z on an unforgettable road trip across the US. It was kind of fitting to end it like this. So here are some photos from the final drive in the Z.

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