Yucatan Roadtrip

Carlos and Jason Mexican roadtrip

Roadtripping con mi hermano mexicano.
This is an excerpt from the trip so far…

Day 2 – Jason and Carlos are driving towards Cancun

After a full day of driving, Jason and Carlos finally reach the Yucatan and decide to check out northern beach town Progreso.

17:00 – Enters Progreso and parks infront of 2 hotels, both empty. They like the city and decide to spend the night.

17:10 – Enters hotel 1 and asks for the price. 350 pesos is the answer for a double.

17:15 – Walks by hotel 2 and asks for the price. 250 pesos for a room with fan, 350 with a/c. Decides to go for beer and think about it.

17:30 – Realizes that everything is shut down along the beach and walks back to the bar at hotel 2 for a beer.

18:30 – Decides they want a balcony room, asks hotel 2 for the price. 500 pesos for room with balcony and ocean view. Decides it´s too much.

18:45 – Walks across the street back to hotel 1 and asks for price for balcony room. 400 pesos is the answer.

19:00 – Decides it is ok and are ready to pay, then realizes they have no more cash. Asks if they take visa. No is the answer.

19:15 – Finds cash machine, and tries bank card eventhough Carlos insists that his card is not working properly. Card works and cash is withdrawn.

19:30 – Stops for a coffee.

20:00 – Back to hotel 1, but there is a new person present. Price for balcony room is now 500 Pesos.

20:15 – Decides it´s too much and walks back across the street to hotel 2.

20:20 – There is a new person in hotel 2 as well. He doesn´t understand us. Request the room in the corner with a nice balcony. He does not understand us and asks if we want room with fan or a/c. Brings us to another room, with an ok balcony. We said it is ok and ask for the price. 400 pesos is the price. We say ok and we get a room with a balcony.

20:45 – Drink beer on the balcony watching the waves from the ocean.

23:59 – Jason promises not to drink any more alcohol during the rest of the trip if Carlos doesn´t smoke or drink coffee for the rest of the trip. Both agree.

Next morning – Jason wakes up and can´t find Carlos. Goes out and sits on the balcony. Carlos returns with a coffee and cigarette in hand and sees Jason with a beer. The trip continues….


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