Touring Van 2013 Film

A few months back, we put on an Indiegogo campaign to create a new Touring Van video. You responded with your support and made it a huge success.

So we put the van back on the road, picked up a crew of friends (old and new) and brought the Touring Van out for the Vancouver and Seattle Pearl Jam shows in December. The result is the Touring Van 2013 film below.

Thank you to all the contributors from the Indiegogo campaign and everyone that helped make Touring Van 2013 happen.

Alejandro GarciaElisa SchillaciKathleen BabcockSandra Folliot
Allen O’DonaghueEric LongLaura TraftonShannon Cullen
Barbara ManfrediEric WallerLaura WardSharon Harrow
Brad LaingEvelyn LeungLester ChuaSheri McKenzie
Brenda KissFiona CooperLisa TownSophie Kelle
Brian MetheGail CollingeLisette TerryStefan Klopp
Carlos DiazHaukur GunnarssonManu TruyensSusanna Kelle
Carlos RoccaHeath ProdenMarco Van Den HoutTamara Rousselle
Cathy LukHinn LiMelissa O’HalloranTanya Kang
Chirag PatelIvan LoMichael KoeglerTatiana Oliveira
Christopher BohatkaJason LeungMike LivingstoneTheresa Sanchez
Clayton PaakspuuJason ManafortMike SwallowThomas Fyfe
Colin O’DonaghueJennifer SandoNathan SturdyVicky Bowes
David TownJeremy Houtary Niko Cuckovic Viktor Butorac
Dianne TarulliJessica Shipman Ranko Goronja Vincent Truyens
Dora KelleJohn Gass Rosalie Savillo
Douglas RutterKasie Vinson Samia Dillsi

Jason is the author of the book This All Encompassing Trip and loves to travel to see Pearl Jam. He spends his time doing design and video work as well as running a daddy blog called The Rockstar Dad.

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  • It is amazing to see the friendship and love that connects us through countries and generations. Let the Touring van keep rolling. Thanks for you Jason and Sophie

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