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Kind enough, jason sent goof and gremmie a copy to review. the book arrived last week, but as gremmie is planning a wedding and goof is about to pull a jed clampett, neither of us have had the time to adequately read it. JR over at Two Feet Thick has however and put together this review. based on what we’ve read so far, JR’s perspective is spot on. This All Encompassing Trip reads like On The Road for Pearl Jam fans where jason is sal paradise and pearl jam his dean moriarty. pick it up here; at $20 there are worse ways to spend your money…


Following the review from TwoFeetThick, check out another book review for This All Encompassing Trip, this time from goof and gremmie at gremmie dot net, a popular Pearl Jam collector’s website.

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Jason is the author of the book This All Encompassing Trip and loves to travel to see Pearl Jam. He spends his time doing design and video work as well as running a daddy blog called The Rockstar Dad.

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