Behind The Van Mockumentary Outtakes

To celebrate the released of my book This All Encompassing Trip, I am re-releasing the highly entertaining mockumentary video Behind The Van, the story which the book is roughly based on. We had a lot of fun doing this making fun of each other.

If you didn’t get enough of the finished product, here are the hilarious outtakes from the production. Thanks to everyone involved and for everyone for watching. Enjoy!


Jason is the author of the book This All Encompassing Trip and loves to travel to see Pearl Jam. He spends his time doing design and video work as well as running a daddy blog called The Rockstar Dad.

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  • Comments… ? Hmmm… I don’t know where I’d begin? 🙂 First thought is that I love that Barbara’s beautiful face is the frame that starts your ‘outtakes’.

    I love you… and everything you do and everything you are. We are tiny pieces of the most amazing force I have ever encountered…

    Jason, thank you for shining the extra light … that makes sure we all shine like the beautiful stars we are 🙂

    Oh… and Happy Birthday 🙂

    Lisa xooxo

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