The Best Pearl Jam Concert for Each of Their 30 Years

What is the best Pearl Jam concert? Obviously, ranking or comparing shows is a very subjective matter, but it is always fun to discuss and debate. Luckily for Pearl Jam fans, there are a lot of shows worthy of being considered to be the best or one of the best. In fact, some might say that there really aren’t any bad shows from this amazing Seattle band that we all love. And my personal opinion is that the next show that Pearl Jam plays will always be their best show.

So rather than try to rank the best shows of all time, we will try to list out the ones that really stood out, or were the most talked about shows from each of the 30 years of Pearl Jam’s existence. That’s right, Oct 22, 2020 marks 30 years since the very first show that they played together. Of course, most of us didn’t attend as many shows in the 1990s as we have in the 2000s and 2010s, so the first decade was the hardest to figure out but we used the amazing archives of Two Feet Thick and Five Horizons along with polling a number of well traveled Pearl Jam fans as resources. If you have a better answer to any of the ones below, feel free to comment below.

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The Best Pearl Jam shows
Photo by Claudio Saroldi

Oct 22 – Seattle, WA at Off Ramp

According to the now legendary story, Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard had sent a tape to Eddie Vedder through Jack Irons to pen lyrics to. They were blown away by what they got back and flew Ed up to Seattle from San Diego. After only a couple of rehearsals, they would play their first show together at the Off Ramp under the name Mookie Blaylock. If you were there, you witnessed the birth of Pearl Jam.

Aug 3 – Seattle, WA at RKCNDY

There were just a few shows at the end of the previous year, so it was really 1991 when the band really jump started their career as Pearl Jam. The album Ten was released along with with a number of singles and music videos from it. Some highlights for performances included a New Years eve show at the Cow Palace in San Francisco supporting Nirvana and Red Hot Chili Peppers, a super intense show at Satyricon in Portland, and a free show at Mural Amphitheatre in Seattle, which marked the first time drummer Dave Abbruzzese would play with the band.

Our choice for the top one, though, would be a 14 song show at the RKCNDY in Seattle. This featured a mini Temple of the Dog reunion and is also the place where the music video for Alive was shot. For this, they played the song multiple times, much to everyone’s delight.

Mar 16 – Queens, NY for MTV Unplugged

Well, this was the year that Pearl Jam really took off as Seattle Music was about to rule the world. Their songs were on regular rotation on the radio and MTV was at an all-time high in popularity and their music videos were getting played regularly on there. For the band, the year could really be divided up into 2 parts: Pre-Lollapalooza and during Lollapalooza.

Before the summer, they would play in clubs with roughly 500 to 1500 capacity. Then they toured Europe for the first time with memorable shows in Utrecht, Netherlands and Zurich, Switzerland where they played the Mamasan Trilogy together for the first time explaining it as a mini-opera. They soon played their first festival at Pinkpop in The Netherlands to an astounding 60,000 people. You can watch this amazing show on Youtube. Then as the summer began, Cameron Crowe released the movie Singles prominently featuring Pearl Jam and the Seattle music scene. The show in Stockholm, Sweden had to move to a larger outdoor venue due to their popularity and the band rewarded the fans with 3 encores.

In the summer it was all about Lollapolooza. You could literally pick any show from this epic touring festival to be the best of the year and no one would argue with you. The festival also featured acts such as Soundgarden, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against the Machine, Tool, and Stone Temple Pilots. I mean, come on! The band’s popularity had skyrocketed during this time and by the end of the circuit, they were one of the biggest bands in the world.

Returning to Seattle, they played a free show at Magnuson Park that they called Drop in the Park. With almost 30,000 in attendance, the band promoted voting to young people in a Rock the Vote campaign. This show probably cost the band $100,000 of their own money to sponsor but it was worth every penny.

If we had to pick show, we would have to go with the acoustic performance in Queens, NY that was part of the MTV Unplugged series. This was aired just before the summer and is one of the main contributors in catapulting the band into stardom. We’re all jealous of anyone that was there.

The Epic Pearl Jam MTV Unplugged Show

The MTV Uplugged show is one of the most popular shows from Pearl Jam, so they’ve recently released it on vinyl.

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Nov 30 – Las Vegas, NV at Aladdin Theatre

After the wild ride of 1992, the band took a bit of time off to start the year to finish recording their next album. They did, however, play a secret show at Slim’s Cafe in San Francisco to benefit Surfrider Foundation, where most of the Vs. record would be premiered live. Another great show was at the Sunfest in Gimli, Manitoba. The band had been supporting Neil Young on tour, but were able to cut loose here and play 90 high energy mins to almost 50,000 people. They were the only band on the bill that weren’t Canadian.

For our pick this year we chose the 2 shows at the Aladdin Theatre in Las Vegas, particularly the first show. With Mudhoney supporting, some of their members would join Pearl Jam on stage for a Green River reunion set with Swallow My Pride, Ain’t Nothing to Do, and My Way.

Apr 12 – Boston, MA at the Orpheum Theatre

With their second album Vs being released near the end of the previous year, 1994 was a continuation of their promotions for it. They didn’t have that heavy of a schedule but there were many gems. The Fox Theatre show in Atlanta was a 150 min marathon that was also broadcasted on their monkeywrench radio at the same time. There were great shows in Chicago both at the Chicago Stadium and the New Regal Theatre as well as an emotionally raw show in Fairfax, VA the day that Kurt Cobain was found dead.

The following shows in Boston were even more intense. The band and Ed were obviously shook up by the sad news and it took everything for them to play these shows. On one night, Ed told the crowd that “you guys are actually almost making me happy tonight.” We’ll pick the last of the 3 Boston shows at The Orpheum Theatre. This was the longest of the shows and the set list was created by the crew consisting of mainly new songs and b-sides.

Pearl Jam at the Orpheum in Boston

The 1994 show at The Orpheum in Boston is a favourite for the band so it would only be fitting to release it on vinyl.

Buy it on Amazon

Jul 11 – Chicago, IL at Soldier Field

Pearl Jam released their third album Vitalogy near the end of 1994 at probably the height of their popularity. This was also when they started their fight against Ticketmaster, which forced them to do their own ticketing and play alternative venues. There were 2 fan club only shows at the Moore Theatre in Seattle with tickets sent out to 10 club members in the Seattle and Vancouver area. I got one of these. And then there were their first appearances in Australia and Asia including unforgettable shows at Memorial Drive in Adelaide and Sidney Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne where the overflow of fans tore down the fence to instantly double the numbers in the crowd. Fans were also passing back chairs set up on the ground level to create a more general admission feel.

Playing the foreign countries meant they didn’t have to deal with Ticketmaster, but when the band returned to the US they had to organized all the shows on their own, which proved more difficult. But there were 2 great shows at the beautiful Red Rocks in Morrison, Co and a memorable night at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco when Ed had to leave the show early due to illness, only to be replaced by Neil Young. They would proceed with songs from Mirrorball and Uncle Neil’s catalogue.

The pinnacle of these shows, though, was in Chicago. With close to 50,000 in attendance, Soldier Field was the site of the largest solo show the band had played to date. The show clocked in at 155mins and was also broadcasted on monkeywrench radio. The atmosphere and crowd were out of this world and this became one of the most talked about Pearl Jam gigs for years to come.

Pearl Jam at Soldier Field in Chicago

This vinyl from the Soldier Field show is part of their From the Vault series of LPs.

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Sep 29 – Randall’s Island, NY at Downing Stadium

Pearl Jam would go into obscurity in 1996 as they only played some shows during the fall of that year. No Code was released to little or no publicity, but this is really when they grew as a band.

They played a couple of high energy shows around election time in Fort Lauderdale, FL and Charlotte, NC. In Europe, their shows at Wembly Arena in London were memorable, as they debuted the song Smile. And they ended that tour with an amazing show in front of a super crowd in Lisbon, Portugal.

Randall’s Island, NY would top the list for this year, with a nearly three-hour show played for a raging pit of 30,000. During the encore, Mike starts playing Yellow Ledbetter after Leaving Here, Ed stops him and they go into Off He Goes followed by Present Tense. Wow!

Nov 12 – Santa Cruz, CA at The Catalyst

This was basically a year off for the band, as they would go further away from the public eye. They would open for the Rolling Stones on a 4 night stand in Oakland, CA. But their only solo gig would be a surprise warmup show in Santa Cruz, CA, so this will be the winner. During this show, Ed phones Neil Young on a cellphone and has the crowd sing him happy birthday to him. Classic.

Sep 11 – New York, NY at Madison Square Garden

The record Yield was released at the beginning of the year and the band returned to a full tour schedule in full capacity arenas in Australia and in the US. There were great shows in Seattle as usual including large ones at Memorial Stadium and a small surprise gig at the 300 capacity Crocodile Cafe at the end of the year. Pearl Jam basically replaced Cheap Trick on the final show of their 3 night stand with a unique set list that included no radio hits.

The highlight of the year, though, were the shows in New Jersey and New York City. There was a fan campaign that started at the East Rutherford shows where hundreds of fans would hold up BREATH signs after the encore. Ed says “That’s pretty impressive, but it’s not gonna do you a damn bit of good.” Later (in reference to Elderly Woman), he says, “This song has the word ‘breath’ in it if it helps at all.” The signs show up at the first show at MSG and also at the 2nd MSG show, which is our pick.

“You know, we come up here as a collective band and we give and we give and you just fucking want more … and you know what? You deserve it,” Ed says. “This is like some kind of organized religion here; I’ve never seen anything like it. Do you see what’s happening? … the third night in a row, right? Well, fuck you. We’re gonna play it!” leading into the first performance of Breath since 94. Besides this song, it was describe by some fans as possibly best show the band has played to date. That works for us.

Oct 31– Mountain View, CA for the Bridge School Festival

This was an easy one to pick as the band would only play 2 shows at Bridge School all year. We shall pick the 2nd show as they debut a new song Nothing as it Seems here.

Nov 6 – Seattle, WA at Key Arena

The start of the new millennium was an amazing and emotional year of touring for Pearl Jam in support of their album Binaural. Starting out with a pair of small warmup shows only for radio content winners and Ten Club members in the area in Bellingham, WA and Vancouver, BC, this world tour was so memorable that they decided to release official bootlegs for every show, all 73 of them, as well as a tour movie DVD entitled Touring Band.

The Europe shows were highlighted by the second Katowice show in Poland, added only after Budapest was cancelled. After the tragedy at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark, an emotional return in Virginia Beach, VA started the US tour, which included a great show in Columbus and a special 10th anniversary show in Las Vegas. But it was only fitting that Pearl Jam would end this year on a high note, with two spectacular nights in Seattle.

With the Red Hot Chili Peppers supporting, both Seattle shows were epic. It was the perfect two-show set list combined with the raw energy of the band that pushed curfew into the wee hours of both nights. The second Seattle show on Nov 6 is what stands out for most though, and it is consistently talked about by many to be one of their best shows ever.

DVD Chronicling the 2000 Pearl Jam tour

The band would release a DVD called Touring Band featuring compilations from different performances throughout the 2000 tour.

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Oct 21 – Mountain View, CA for Bridge School Festival

There wasn’t too much to choose from in 2001. The band only played 3 shows, one at the Seattle Groundwork to open up the Experience Music Project (EMP), which is now called MoPop, and 2 shows at Neil Young’s annual Bridge School Festival. We’ll choose the second night at Bridge, since they played Soldier of Love.

Dec 6 – Seattle, WA at The Showbox

This was another quiet year for Pearl Jam, but they did decide to play 4 shows in their hometown at the end of the year after the release of their album Riot Act. Two shows were at the 1,100 capacity club Showbox followed by two at the Key Arena. The second concert at the Showbox was the one that stood out and the band agreed by releasing it on the DVD Live at the Showbox for you to see.

Jul 11 – Mansfield, MA at The Tweeter Centre

After playing a series of warmup shows in Seattle to end the previous year, Pearl Jam embarked on another remarkable world tour that brought them to Australia, Japan, and the US in support of their newly released album Riot Act. And once again, they would release a bootleg for every show, just to piss off all the record shop workers who had to stock the shelves (back then). But could you blame them with the year they had in 2003.

Just to name a few highlights, there was a Santa Barbara show that featured sets from Chris Cornell and Jack Johnson, a marathon State College show that stretched into 3 full encores to a boisterous crowd at Penn State University, a pair of always epic New York shows at MSG that were so good that they had to release the Live at the Garden DVD, and an acoustic only show at Seattle’s Benaroya Hall that was basically an audiophile’s wet dream.

But 2003 was all about the 3 shows at the Tweeter Centre in Mansfield, MA in which they called ‘the experiment’. Originally scheduled for 2 shows, Pearl Jam decided to play every song in their catalogue without repeating a single one. This would require a third show to be added after the MSG shows in order to complete task. And with a strict curfew (which the band still went over) in place for the venue, the band would have to start early with an acoustic preset before blasting through their main performance. A total of 45 songs were played, which makes this the longest Pearl Jam concert to date.

The Experiment from Mansfield

Pearl Jam released their entire 2003 tour on CD, so you can pick up an official recording of that incredible 3rd show in Mansfield, MA.

Buy it on Amazon

Oct 2 – Toledo, OH at Sports Arena

Known as the Vote for Change tour, Pearl Jam played a handful of shows in 2004 in an attempt to inspire a larger voter turnout for the US elections later that year. There were strong shows at the Showbox in Seattle, the Fleet Centre in Boston, and also a big gathering of fans in St Louis for a can food drive that would become the first unofficial Wishlist Foundation event.

But it was a little show in Toledo, OH that would rank as one of the favourites. Ed did a great preset to start off a powerful set list including guest appearances from Peter Frampton and Neil Young to close out the show with Harvest Moon, All Along The Watchtower, Act Of Love, Cortez The Killer, and Rockin’ In The Free World.

Sep 1 – George, WA at The Gorge

Even without an official record release, Pearl Jam still managed to play a good number of shows in 2005, with extensive tours through Canada and South America for the first time ever. The Canadian tour essentially became a Lost Dogs tour, as the b-sides record was released the previous year, while the thunderous crowds in South American showed why the band should have visited earlier because the waiting drove them mad.

For South Americans, the Argentinians made sure that Buenos Aires was the top show from that leg, while there were amazing shows in Halifax, Winnipeg, Kitchener and Saskatoon in Canada, all of which are chronicled in the book This All Encompassing Trip. You could also make great arguments for Vancouver, Quebec City, Hamilton and Thunder Bay as well. The US had a few unique shows in Atlantic City, Philadelphia, a charity show in Chicago with Robert Plant and a tiny show in Seattle at Easy Street Records.

It was a tough year to chose, but if we had to pick just one, it would be the show at the beautiful Gorge at George, WA. This was a warmup show to the Canadian tour, and the band decided to play through most of their b-sides from Lost Dogs, most of which have either never or rarely been played before. And with the backdrop of the Columbia River as the setting, this is consider by many to be the perfect venue for Pearl Jam to play at.

Nov 19 – Newcastle, Australia

After the Roskilde tragedy and a couple of very politically driven years, you could really see the band turning a corner in 2005 and then really taking off in 2006. They seemed to be enjoying their performances every night now, not that they’re weren’t before, but their smiles were glowing more than ever and it was apparent in the shows this year in support of the self titled album Pearl Jam, or Avocado as the fans call it.

The book This All Encompassing Trip provides travel stories from the road for most of these shows on the 2006 world tour, which brought the band and their fans to the US, Europe and then Australia. There were special performances on the David Letterman show and at Irving Plaza in New York, the legendary Astoria in London, UK saw the band play Europe for the first time since Roskilde 6 years prior, a secret surfer’s only show in Waimea Bay for the Eddie Aikau big wave competition was an event that only a few fans witnessed, and then there were also amazing shows in Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Lisbon, Zagreb, Verona, and 2 more nights at the Gorge again. Then there was the show in Grand Rapids, MI where the Ten Club “reversed” the order of seniority for seats so that the newest members were up front and the longest members were at the back. This flipped the dynamics and really injected a unique life into the crowd for that night.

But it was a show in the little town of Newcastle in Australia that we’ve chosen. This was a show added only because of a petition from fans after the Australian tour was announced and the band did not disappoint by asking local surfing legend Mark Richards to write the set list. What ensued was a magical evening with a unique choice of songs that surprised all in attendance.

Pearl Jam book

The book This All Encompassing Trip chronicles a journey of a fan following Pearl Jam on tour throughout the entire 2005 and 2006 world tour. Every show is briefly described in it.

Buy it on Amazon

Jun 21 – Dusseldorf, Germany at ISS Dome

2007 saw Pearl Jam play multiple festivals again for the first time in a while. And although these were filled with high energy, it was there owns shows that were impressive. The Vic Theatre show in Chicago just prior to Lollapalooza was filled with 3 encore as well as a preset. In Europe, Copenhagen, Denmark was a stand out. But it did not stand out as much as Dusseldorf in Germany. This was the show of the European tour, and again it is a small town.

Jul 1 – New York, NY at the Beacon Theatre

In 2008, Pearl Jam only did a short 11 city East coast tour going from Florida up to Connecticut. There was an amazing show at Bonnaroo, which is not normally the case for festivals. And as usual, the North East run of Philly (Camden, NJ), Boston (Mansfield), and New York were great as always. Which of those cities have the best Pearl Jam fans is an endless debate.

Our choice would be a special benefit show at the end of the tour at the Beacon Theatre in New York. You had to donate at least $100 to the Robin Hood Foundation just for the right to buy tickets and then the tickets ranged from $250-$10,000 each. The highest priced tickets included a meet and greet with the band. So you know they made sure to give everyone their money’s worth for this one.

Oct 30 – Philadelphia, PA at the Spectrum

2009 was an interesting year. Pearl Jam started with a small European tour in the summer, released a new album called Backspacer in the fall, then toured the West coast in the US, and finishing the year with an Australian and New Zealand tour. There were also a few random US shows sprinkled in there as well.

Notable shows included a small club show in London, UK at the famous Shepherd’s Bush Empire, a gap show in Toronto where the opening band Ted Leo didn’t make it across the Canadian border forcing the band to come out and play sets to open for themselves, and a memorable performance at Universal City in Los Angeles.

The event of year, though, was the 4 show stint in Philadelphia to close out the Spectrum arena. And similar to the experiment in Mansfield in 2003, Pearl Jam went through their entire catalogue without repeating a song. This time it required a 4th show to do the feat. And while the marathon final show gets a lot of attention, especially since they played Bugs and Sweet Lew, it is the 3rd show that was probably the most complete and best of the bunch.

Jun 30 – Berlin, Germany at Wuhlheide

Europe and the US East coast made up the touring schedule for 2010. As usual, Madison Square Garden provided a memorable show for New York and there was a high energy gig in Belfast, Northern Ireland. But the one to be at this year was at the amazing Wuhleide in Berlin, Germany. There was something about this amphitheatre in the middle of a forest that brought out the best in the band as well as the crowd. The energy and atmosphere was through the roof and makes a Pearl Jam concert a must see anytime they play Wuhlheide.

Sep 11 – Toronto, ON at Air Canada Centre

This year was all about PJ20. The band put out a book, a movie and a festival and spent the whole year marketing for it. So accordingly, the 2 shows at Alpine Valley to celebrate PJ20 were remarkable shows. There was another South American tour that was once again highlighted by Buenos Aires and a Canadian tour that had great shows in Hamilton and Calgary. But our choice is the first Toronto show, shortly after they premiered their PJ20 movie at the Toronto International Film Festival. The atmosphere was absolutely electric and the band responded with a special performance of Chloe’s Dancer and Crown of Thorns along with a guest appearance from Neil Young to close out the night.

Jun 27 – Amsterdam, NL at Ziggo Dome

In 2012, Europe was the main touring spot, anchored by a number of festivals there as well as a few festivals in the US. They played a few shows on their own, which was highlighted by a pair of shows at the new Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The second one featured songs such as Footsteps, Bugs, Crown of Thorns, and Sonic Reducer and the crowd responded well and deemed this to be the best of the tour.

Jun 19 – Chicago, IL at Wrigley Field

With the release of Lightning Bolt, their first album in four years, Pearl Jam would put on a 2 leg tour of the US with great shows at the usual locations of Vancouver, Seattle, Boston, Philly and New York. There was also a great small show in London, ON that would serve as a warm to our top choice, Wrigley Field in Chicago.

This was the first time the band had played this historic home of Ed’s beloved Cubs, and it was probably one of the most anticipated shows the band has played in a while (along with PJ20). But they certainly delivered, despite a rain delay in the middle of the show. There was a chance that the show was going to be cancelled due to the weather, but the band didn’t want to disappoint and carried on with their plan. With the delay, the standard curfew for the venue was allowed to be broken as the show ended after 2am. A fan told us that hailing a taxi afterwards was nearly impossible and they actually ordered a pizza and got a ride back to their hotel with the pizza guy. This was a true event and something everyone in attendance would remember for years to come.

The Lightning Bolt from the Wrigley Show

A lightning bolt stuck down in the middle of a rain delay during the Wrigley Field show. You couldn’t have asked for a better promotions for their latest album.

Jun 19 – Leeds, UK at First Direct Arena

This year was a tough call. There was an amazing show in Berlin that had their usual insane crowd and atmosphere. And then there were the two album shows that seemingly came from no where. The entirety of No Code was played in order for Moline, IL while Milwaukee, WI got Yield. We probably could have gone with Moline and everyone would be happy, but that show in Leeds, UK was something else. It was probably the “lose your shit” setlist of the year, with Fatal being played for only the 7th time ever, so we’ll chose this one.

Nov 17 – Brasilia, Brazil

This year only included a handful of shows in South America and Mexico but you know the crowd brought it at every gig. Porto Alegre was a popular one and Buenos Aires and Mexico City are always good choices, but we asked a few South Americans who travelled to most of the shows and they say Brasilia was the top.

Aug 7 – Boston, MA at Fenway Park

2016 was an tremendous year for Pearl Jam as there were a variety of shows that we were treated to and the band just seems to continue to get better. They played Wrigley Fields again and this time brought Danny Clinch along to capture just how special the experience was for the movie Let’s Play 2, There was an extremely tiny show at Jack White’s Third Man Records. The band continued there album shows by playing Binaural in Toronto, Ten in Philadelphia, and VS in Greenville. Quebec City got a good one and so did New York, as usual.

We’ll pick the shows at Fenway Park in Boston. This was the first time the band had played the venue in one of their most beloved cities, which is a recipe for success. The first show had rarities such as Down, All Those Yesterdays, Strangest Tribe, and I’ve Got a Feeling. While the second show, with the crowd warmed up from the first, was just hands down awesome.

The Amazing Show from Wrigley

The Wrigley Field shows were so impressive that the band released it on vinyl to go along with the movie Danny Clinch put together for it.

Buy it on Amazon

Apr 7 – Brooklyn, NY for the Hall of Fame

There were no actual show this year except for the short performance the band had at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. But the anticipation for this induction ceremony rivaled the biggest Pearl Jam shows in recent memory. Every die hard had to be there for the moment and we all celebrated together as if we were also being inducted to the Hall of Fame as well.

Aug 10 – Seattle, WA at Safeco Field

2018 saw the band go back to Europe for a nice run that included highlights in Krakow, Poland and a rescheduled show for London, UK to end the tour. But this year was all about the ballpark shows in the US. The away shows at Wrigley Field, Fenway Park and Grizzly Stadium were spectacular, but it was the home shows at Safeco Field in Seattle that got everyone talking. The band went all out for these shows too with their own custom craft beer, blended wine, and bourbon to go along with the full on event specific merchandise that the fans all go crazy for. They also raised over $10 million for homelessness for the city. And oh yeah, the shows were not bad either.


The band played no shows this year.


The band was scheduled to tour the US and Europe in support of the newly released Gigaton album, but due to COVID-19 they were forced to cancel everything and reschedule for 2021.

In Summary, here is the complete list:

1990 – Seattle, WA at Off Ramp
1991 – Seattle, WA at RKCNDY
1992 – Queens, NY for MTV Unplugged
1993 – Las Vegas, NV at Aladdin Theatre
1994 – Boston, MA at Orpheum Theatre
1995 – Chicago, IL at Soldier Field
1996 – Randall’s Island, NY at Downing Stadium
1997 – Santa Cruz, CA at The Catalyst
1998 – New York, NY at Madison Square Garden
1999 – Mountain View, CA for Bridge School
2000 – Seattle, WA at Key Arena
2001 – Mountain View, CA for Bridge School
2002 – Seattle, WA at The Showbox
2003 – Mansfield, MA at The Tweeter Centre
2004 – Toledo, OH at Sports Arena
2005 – George, WA at The Gorge
2006 – Newcastle, Australia
2007 – Dusseldorf, Germany at ISS Dome
2008 – New York, NY at Beacon Theatre
2009 – Philadelphia, PA at the Spectrum
2010 – Berlin, Germany at Wuhleide
2011 – Toronto, ON at Air Canada Centre
2012 – Amsterdam, Netherlands at Ziggo Dome
2013 – Chicago, IL at Wrigley Field
2014 – Leeds, UK at First Direct Arena
2015 – Brasilia, Brazil
2016 – Boston, MA at Fenway Park
2017 – Brooklyn, NY for Hall of Fame
2018 – Seattle, WA at Safeco Field
2019 – no shows
2020 – no shows


Jason is the author of the book This All Encompassing Trip and loves to travel to see Pearl Jam. He spends his time doing design and video work as well as running a daddy blog called The Rockstar Dad.

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