WAMC and Rick Emerson Show Interviews

Feb 24, 2011

Fellow Pearl Jam fan Ian Pickus invited me on his show The Roundtable to share the story on WAMC North East Public Radio. Based out of Albany, NY, WAMC broadcasts to over 20 fm radio stations in New York and Massachusetts. The Roundtable is an award-winning, nationally recognized eclectic talk program that has interviewed the likes of Arthur Miller, Kurt Vonnegut, Maya Angelou, Madeleine Albright, Jimmy Carter, John McCain, Bob Dole, Bill O’Reilly, Steve Martin, James Taylor, Bill Cosby, Stephen King, Melissa Etheridge and now Jason Leung.

Listen to the interview below.

Prior to this, I did an interview on The Rick Emerson Show in Portland, OR to promote my book signing event at Easy Street Records in Seattle, WA. This former nationally syndicated show has a unique format where the listeners have control over the content. Apparently, my story was what the listeners wanted to hear about on Jan 11, 2011.

Listen to the interview below.

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