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Jan 12, 2011

Coming home to Vancouver for a visit during the holidays wasn’t just all fun with family and friends, it was fun with book promotions as well.

On Thursday, January 6, I had the pleasure of co-hosting the 90s at Noon show with Neil Morrison on Vancouver’s #1 rock radio station 99.3 The Fox. This was a great interview with someone who is obviously enjoying the book. Neil was extremely cool and even allowed Sophie and I to have full control of the playlist for the hour long show. Thank you Neil and the Fox rocks!

This was our playlist:
-Alive (Pinkpop 1992)
-Present Tense (New York 2008)
-I’ve Got a Feeling…
-State of Love and Trust (Vancouver 2009)
-Spin The Black Circle
-Hold On
-Hard To Imagine
-Daughter/It’s Ok (The Gorge 2006)

If you missed it the first time around, here is the entire show.

Here is the interview parts only.

On Saturday, January 7, I held a book signing at Vancouver’s oldest independent record shop, Neptoon Records. If you’re a music fan in Vancouver and have never been to this shop before, do yourself a favour and pay them a visit. They have an extensive collection of vinyls of all types along with an impressive display of concert posters. And with the store owners, Rob and Ben, being such awesome people, I couldn’t have picked a better place for my first book signing. It was perfect.

For 3 hours, I chatted with and personalized books for many friendly faces – some very familiar and some not so much. It was great to see the support from all my friends/family and meet some new people as well, including a guest appearance from the always entertaining Nardwuar.

The event was very exciting and a huge success as I ended up selling every book that I brought. Thanks to everyone for coming out, Neptoon Records for the ideal setting and Sophie for helping with everything and being my partner in crime (as referred to by Neil Morrison).

This Friday I’ll be doing a book signing at Easy Street Records in West Seattle along with Brad Klausen. Hope to see you there!

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