Signed Book Package


You’ll received ONE signed copy of This All Encompassing Trip by Jason Leung + ONE magnet from Be°Craft + ONE digital album from Low Wires. Because if you already have this book, you will give it to a friend and keep the other stuff. (Estimated delivery is December 2013. Shipping is included)

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Low Wires Digital Album

Touring Van Glass Magnet

Touring Van T-Shirt

Touring Poster

Signed Book Package

EV Book Package

Book Package

Touring Van Schwag

Touring Van Package

Interview for the Film

         +You'll be interview for the Touring Van film

Jason’s Hair Color

         +You choose the color of Jason's hair

Touring Van car service

         +You get a ride in the van to the show

Vancouver Tour Guide

         +You get a personal tour of Vancouver in the van