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Pearl Jam books have been few and far between. There have certainly been a lot of picture books – Pearl Jam: Place/Date, 5X1 Pearl Jam Through the Eye of Lance Mercer, and Pearl Jam Vs. Ames Bros – but not a lot with words. In the chapter-book department, you’ve got our own Jessica Letkemann’s 1990: The Making of Pearl Jam and Kim Neely’s very biased unauthorized 1998 book Five against One.

This All Encompassing Trip must be the next addition to your paperback library…..

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Headline feature in the Adelaide Confidential Advertiser

You could say Pearl Jam are soul savers. Jason Leung, right, quit his job as civil engineer managing high profile construction projects for the Vancouver and London Olympics, to follow Pearl Jam on tour and pursue a ‘‘more fulfilling life’’ when he was 25. The trip culminated in him writing This All Encompassing Trip…..

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Life on Easy Street: Leung and Klausen Meet and Greet

One of my favorite travel essays begins, “Beware thoughts that come in the night.” I imagine a similar moment of clarity when Jason Leung conjured up his ambitious plan to follow his favorite band across his homeland during Pearl Jam’s 2005 Canadian tour. I’m sure any good fan has had this fantasy but Jason and a revolving cast of like-minded misfits actually had the audacity to go out and do it.

Lucky for the rest of us, Jason documented the whole trip in his self-published book This All Encompassing Trip so we might come along for the ride and live vicariously through him…..

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book review on bella online

The author’s sparkling personality really shines through in this book which reads almost like a fairytale tailored to young adults—and one that I wouldn’t mind living for a while. Throughout Leung’s travels, he lives in an enchanted world where concert tickets magically appear when needed, drinks never stop flowing (yet hangovers are kept at a minimum), and no matter where Leung is in the world, he finds friends, oftentimes running into the same cast of characters…..

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Kind enough, jason sent goof and gremmie a copy to review. the book arrived last week, but as gremmie is planning a wedding and goof is about to pull a jed clampett, neither of us have had the time to adequately read it. JR over at Two Feet Thick has however and put together this review. based on what we’ve read so far, JR’s perspective is spot on. This All Encompassing Trip reads like On The Road for Pearl Jam fans where jason is sal paradise and pearl jam his dean moriarty. pick it up here; at $20 there are worse ways to spend your money…..

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This All Encompassing Trip is a new book, a musical travel diary written by Canadian fan Jason Leung, who has been following Pearl Jam on tour since 2005, travelling around the world…..

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Meet your blogger feature on the Red Mosquito fan board

Jason’s blog isn’t limited to Pearl Jam topics, but his book is. You can purchase This All Encompassing Trip by Jason Leung, starting today at his website.

REAL NAME: Jason Leung
LOCATION: Vancouver, BC, Canada (Currently in London, UK)
DAY JOB: Traveller, Writer, Graphic/Web Designer, Videographer, (formerly a Civil Engineer/Construction Manager)
FAVORITE ALBUM: It depends on the weather, but most of the time it’s Yield

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What is life on the road like for a rock star? Jason Leung is no rock star but he lives the life of one while following Pearl Jam on tour around the world…..

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