Pearl Jam 2011 Canadian Tour Guide

May 28, 2011

Pearl Jam will be touring Canada again this September, exactly six years after the last journey that brought on so many memories and good times. That trip was where it all started. That was when we took the Touring Van across the country and didn’t look back. That journey brought on adventures that fill up the book. And that was the beginning of This All Encompassing Trip.

This time, however, Pearl Jam will take on Canada in the opposite direction and This All Encompassing Trip will be your complete guide to each city. Every week there will be a new article posted on here written about a different city on the tour, featuring places to see, restaurants to eat at and things to do. Hopefully you’ll find some time amongst all the driving to explore and discover the great country of Canada.

Pearl Jam 2011 Canadian tour schedule

Date City Venue Capacity Distance From Previous City Driving Time
Sep 7 Wed Montreal Bell Centre 15,000 1,530km / 950mi 17.0 hr
Sep 11 Sun Toronto Air Canada Centre 19,800 600km / 375mi 6.5 hr
Sep 12 Mon Toronto Air Canada Centre 19,800 0km / 0mi 0.0 hr
Sep 14 Wed Ottawa Scotiabank Place 20,500 450km / 280mi 5.0 hr
Sep 15 Thu Hamilton Copps Coliseum 17,500 515km / 320mi 6.0 hr
Sep 17 Sat Winnipeg MTS Centre 16,170 2,000km / 1,350mi 22.0 hr
Sep 19 Mon Saskatoon Credit Union Center 13,000 840km / 530mi 10.0 hr
Sep 21 Wed Calgary Scotiabank Saddledome 19,289 620km / 385mi 8.0 hr
Sep 23 Fri Edmonton Rexall Place 12,000 320km / 200mi 3.5 hr
Sep 25 Sun Vancouver Pacific Coliseum 17,150 1,200km / 750mi 13.5 hr


  1. Paul Broadfoot
    Jun 07, 2011

    as a local in Winnipeg, here are my suggestions for tourists to stop by:

    VJ’s diner. Best burgers in town. As voted by the public.,0,6020910648693201699&fb=1&hq=vj's+diner&hnear=0x52ea73fbf91a2b11:0x2b2a1afac6b9ca64,Winnipeg,+MB&gl=ca&daddr=170+Main+Street,+Winnipeg,+MB&geocode=6431183116772819160,49.889630,-97.135587&ei=TWPuTbT5FdLpgQfO062VDw&sa=X&oi=local_result&ct=directions-to&resnum=1&ved=0CBkQngIwAA

    Corydon Avenue. Our Little Italy. Very hopping destination for locals and tourists alike for good food and drink. Many restaurants and bars all within walking distance of each other.,0,6020910648693201699&fb=1&hq=vj's+diner&hnear=0x52ea73fbf91a2b11:0x2b2a1afac6b9ca64,Winnipeg,+MB&gl=ca&daddr=170+Main+Street,+Winnipeg,+MB&geocode=6431183116772819160,49.889630,-97.135587&ei=TWPuTbT5FdLpgQfO062VDw&sa=X&oi=local_result&ct=directions-to&resnum=1&ved=0CBkQngIwAA

    The Forks. Historical site where Aboriginals met more than 6,000 years ago, and then the European fur trade. Fully developed commercially, landscaped, etc, it’s a must go destination to relax. Not to mention a luxury hotel and spa right in the heart of it.,Winnipeg,+MB&ei=SmTuTYvlKND1gAfcs_nxAQ&sa=X&oi=local_group&ct=image&ved=0CAQQtgM&iwloc=cids:10159733228670424109,7531307425223669489,14683092623690040148,16753871582409726648,11570188417487719724

    Assiniboine Park. Awesome, and huge park at the West side of the city (all the way down Corydon, so hit the park and then Little Italy for drinks after). Just developed for this year is the Nature Playground, which is billed as a life-size Alice In Wonderland type park for kids of all ages. Also on site is the Assiniboine Park Zoo.,Winnipeg,+MB&ei=SmTuTYvlKND1gAfcs_nxAQ&sa=X&oi=local_group&ct=image&ved=0CAQQtgM&iwloc=cids:10159733228670424109,7531307425223669489,14683092623690040148,16753871582409726648,11570188417487719724

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  4. Jrock
    Jun 09, 2011

    thanks for the info Paul. I’ll make sure to include these in the Winnipeg section.

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