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Cuban Review

Nov 16, 2008 Well, a week in Cuba and quite an interesting place it was indeed.  It was kind of what I expected in a way, and not what I expected in many ways.  I’m glad I was able to experience and see different parts of the country rather than remain at a resort for […]

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Nov 23, 2008 In Spanish, Villa means village and hermosa means beautiful. Jason and Carlos drives back towards Mexico City from the very south east of Quintana Roo.  After a long day of driving, they enter the city of Villahermosa and decide to spend the night.  Strolling down the main road, they spot a hotel, […]

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Quintana Rooooooooo, Mexico

Nov 20, 2008 Jason and Carlos returned to Mexico to visit the state of Quintana Roo for a week. Day 1 Accomplishments -Arrived at Cancun airport -Bussed 30mins south to Playa Del Carmen -Found restaurant for food and drinks that would sit well in stomach -Drank more XX -Stayed with friend in town Day 2 […]

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Cuban Hospitality

Nov 14, 2008 After a few days in Cuba, you realize a few things about Cubans:  they have very little, they are given very little, they are very nonviolent, and they love tourists.  Why do they love tourists?  Because they generally give them what they want.  What do they want?  Money, clothing, and sex, and […]

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Cuban Surprise!

Nov 12, 2008 After a great wedding in Varadero, Cuba.  Jason walks back to the resort to drop off some stuff at the hotel room.  Hanging on the door handle is a note.  The message reads… Dear Guest, We are sending this message to you to let you know that the guest relation off Brisas […]

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Yucatan Roadtrip

Nov 7, 2008 Roadtripping con mi hermano mexicano. This is an excerpt from the trip so far… Day 2 – Jason and Carlos are driving towards Cancun After a full day of driving, Jason and Carlos finally reach the Yucatan and decide to check out northern beach town Progreso. 17:00 – Enters Progreso and parks […]

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Bring on the Latino Heat

Nov 2, 2008 Flying down to Mexico City tonight, flying back at the end of the month.  The in between is mine.  A little sun, a little surf, a little Cuban adventure.  This will give me an opportunity to practice my newly learnt spanish.  I’m glad Carlos and Venassa will be there to teach it to […]

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