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How do you sell records these days?

Feb 21, 2009 Selling records is not as easy as it once was. And with the tough music industry of today, artists are needing to find more creative ways to get their music out to their audience and ultimately make a living. Bands like Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails have been innovative in their release […]

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2008 A Year in Review

Dec 31, 2008 It was another great year of traveling, music, friends, and a little bit of work. Oh yes, I did actually work a few months this year, and it was an ideal situation for me. 6 months of grinding through working life in London, England turned out to be an incredible summer. I […]

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The epilogue is now up.

Dec 22, 2008 I’ve posted the epilogue for my book in the book section here. Take a read and let me know what you think. This was written a while ago, but the book still has some work to be done. The hardcore writing stage begins now.

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Spring Training in December

Dec 1, 2008 Having just returned home from one holiday, I’m ready to go on another. The next one being January in paradise, which some call Hawaii. There are many reasons for such a trip to such a place, but one important reason for me is to do some hardcore surfing, something that I haven’t […]

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Bring on the Latino Heat

Nov 2, 2008 Flying down to Mexico City tonight, flying back at the end of the month.  The in between is mine.  A little sun, a little surf, a little Cuban adventure.  This will give me an opportunity to practice my newly learnt spanish.  I’m glad Carlos and Venassa will be there to teach it to […]

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My Love/Hate Relationship with London

Oct 31, 2008 London is one of the most fast pace chaotic cities in the world, which clashes majorly with my relaxed and easy going personality.  For six months, I endured the grind of working in London and I stuck with it all the way through.   It might not appear to have been an ideal situation for me, […]

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