Boat trip on the Norfolk Broads with the GoPro Camera

Apr 17, 2010

The GoPro Hero Camera is an amazing helmet camera that captures full 1080p HD videos from a miniature size, versatile, camera that can be attached to anything from your helmet, surfboard, motorbike, or it can just be used plainly as a normal video camera. It’s purpose is to give a great “point of view” shot and different angles than you would normally get on any other device. When I saw sample results of the footage that it produces, I immediately sourced it out on craigslist, and purchased my own GoPro Hero.

On the weekend of Apr 9 – 12, 2010, my good friend from London, Keith, hired a boat for his stag on the Norfolk Broads in eastern UK. So I brought along my little GoPro camera to test out it’s capabilities, purely due to its ease of carrying around. This is the resulting video.

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