Pearl Jam Fans video from PJ20 Preparty

Lots of familiar faces here. Check out this fan video put together by Jacob Nelson at the Wishlist Foundation‘s massive preparty at PJ20 in Wisconsin earlier this year.

Wendy Wrocks Art & Wear Custom Shirt

Wendy Wrocks Art & Wear does custom painted shirts out of Ashbury Park, NJ. Check out the latest shirt they did for a customer.

Album Review: No Agenda by Ryan Kralik

Do you miss good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll? Well, Ohio’s Ryan Kralik brings this back with his fifth record release entitled No Agenda. His friendly melodies and endearing guitar riffs attracted the likes of Dave Krusen (Pearl Jam, Hovercraft, Candlebox, and Unified Theory), Rick “The Bass Player” Rosas (Neil Young, Joe Walsh, Buffalo Springfield), Michael G. Ronstadt and Keith Lowe (Brad) to collaborate on the recording.

“This is the kind of music that moves me, it’s heartfelt and deep,” says Krusen, who plays drums on four of the tracks. “I really enjoyed playing drums on Ryan’s tunes.”

The album is a great balance of styles from the guitar heavy Jesus Hates Fags to the folky Center of Every World to the catchy Setting Sun, which is the strongest track from a solid selection. “After the session i couldn’t get Setting Sun out of my head,” Rosas explains. “That’s a good sign!”

Where the album really shines, however, is in its words. “Storm all of the ministries, demand that they set us all free” from The Egypt Riot, “Sometimes they take you, use you for what they need, to drink, to wash, water down their seed” from When You’re the Rain, and “Where will you run to, where will you hide, is that your god on the border or the devil inside” from God on the Border are all part of a powerful message Kralik puts forward on an album that is dedicated to the recent Occupy movement.

Occupy a copy of No Agenda and you’ll be happy you did.

This All Encompassing Trip Christmas Sale

Get your copy of This All Encompassing Trip at a special Christmas discount until December 15. It makes for a great gift!

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One year anniversary and Horse Bite

This marks exactly one year since the release of This All Encompassing Trip. It has been a huge success and I am truly thankful for all of you who help make this happen and supported it throughout.

To celebrate the occasion, Infinitum Publishing is officially releasing their second title today, Horse Bite by Seattle author Dave O’Leary. You can get a copy on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Check it out!

Horse Bite Book Launch

My publishing company Infinitum put on a book release party for their latest novel Horse Bite by Seattle author Dave O’Leary. I was also on hand to sign a few books and meet some new people. Here’s a video recap of the exciting event.

You can order Horse Bite online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Wishlist 5 year anniversary

Congrats to Laura and Eric in celebrating 5 years of dedicated hard work in raising over $500,000 for the Wishlist Foundation. You guys are an inspiration. Even Ed saluted the achievement on the day of the 5 year anniversary in Ottawa.

I wish for nothing cause we got
So much more than we ever thought
My one desire is…no desire
Giving gifts gives just so much high

And actions speak so much louder than words
And actions speak so much louder than words

We hereby thank Laura for hers
And we thank you too cause as good as it’s been
It’s beyond our wildest dreams

We thank you for a precedence
All beyond our wildest dreams..yeeah heee

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