Becoming Hawaiian!

Jan 18, 2009

So we’ve been (living) in Hawaii for 2 weeks now, with probably another month or so to go, and it’s been pretty sweet. Stefan and I have been doing some work on the weekdays in our condo overlooking some massive waves. The scenery is unreal.

We’ve been hitting up the local spots, and getting in a daily dose of the ocean at various beaches on the island of Kauai’i. But what I’ve been most excited about so far is the discover of Spam Musabi, which is basically a sushi roll with a piece of spam inside of it. I thought I’d try it out, when I saw a bunch of hawaiian locals choose it at a gas station, and my first bite sold me instantly. It’s good and it’s cheap, under $2. So I’ve been have a double dose of Spam Musabi for breakfast everyday. It’s great.

How to make Spam Musubi:


-Sushi rice
-Sushi Seaweed
-Furikake (Rice Seasoning)
-Soy sauce


-Fry the Spam in a pan with soy sauce and sugar
-Dip cooked Spam in Furikake (Rice Seasoning)
-Sandwich cooked seasoned Spam in between to layers of sushi rice
-Wrap the Sandwiched Spam with the Sushi Seaweed
-Eat Spam Musubi will warm

It’s quite ono! Give it a try.

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